My Work

As a child I spent most of my time either watching or re-watching sci-fi movies or spending my afternoons turning the playground into Narnia. By drawing upon these early experiences into imaginary worlds, my work seeks to engage the viewer by focusing on stories from history and scientific explorations. Both the historical and scientific depend on boundaries and structures that I identify with in order to create my work. 

Based on my background in graphic design, I am a firm believer that form follows function. By utilizing different printing techniques, ranging from stone lithography to digital printing, I am afforded a greater range of story telling through the varied mediums and the materials they employ. Not only are the narratives influenced by the medium and the process, the binding structures are also informed by the content. The designs and narratives of my work provide the rules and structure, and allow me to focus on the precision of the craft. 


Krista Sharp is native Oklahoman who is currently living in Alexandria, Virginia. Krista is a book artist and an award-winning graphic and web designer who has worked in the DC metro area for over 13 years. She recently graduated from George Washington University’s Corcoran School of Art and Design with a Master of Arts degree in Art and the Book. Krista’s book and print work utilizes multiple printmaking processes and also explores unique structural elements. Krista’s work can be seen in many collections and institutions across the country including the Smithsonian’s Dibner Library.